Revealed: How To Use Baseball Sayings And Phrases (Chatter)

Are you a baseball player? Have you ever felt that, despite giving all your energies to your team, you still aren’t doing enough for them? Well, if you feel like this, you’ve come to the right place. Aforementioned are some baseball sayings used by greats which will not only energize your teammates – but also antagonize your opponents. Consequently, these sayings would make sure that you sound like a knowledgeable and good baseball player.

Baseball Batting

Step #1: Sayings For Batters

  • “Good Cut”: When you are on the bowling team and the batter misses the ball, this phrase could be used to antagonize him
  • “Finally, you’ve seen it”: When a batter has taken strike one, this phrase could be used.
  • “Protect the Plate”: ON a 0-2 count, when all it needs a batsman to strike out is one strike, this phrase could come handy.
  • “Drive them home”: When you sense that a runner has gotten himself in a scoring position, turn to this saying
  • “Good Hustle”: If your teammate has just grounded out, use this to make him comfortable
  • “Chicken isn’t nothing but bird”: When you sense that the decision of the umpire has gone against your team.
  • “Hello! Get a nine iron”: When you sense that a low pitch has been called on for a strike.

Step #2: Sayings For Fielders

  • “Let us get 1 and 1”: When you’re referring your teammates to get the first out – or urge them to go for the second, this phrase could come handy
  • “Get Two”: When you want your teammate to go for a double play, ask him this.
  • “Can of Corn”: When the game is easy to play
  • “Turning a “twist”: To urge your teammates to take a double play
  • “Cut X”: Here, X could be used to refer to the number of the base. For example, if you want to tell the outside to throw to the base 1, say “Cut 1”.
  • “Get one”: Similar to “Cut X”, this one tells the outfielder to throw at the base one.

baseball playing tips

Step #3: Sayings For Pitchers

  • “Don’t lose him”: When the batter is on a full
  • “Look over”: When you want to tell the pitcher that the batter is taking a big lead, say look over.
  • “Deep Breath Now”: When you see that the pitcher is rushing, use this
  • “Let him hit it”: There are times when a pitcher is hostile to throw strikes. If you ask the pitcher to let him hit it, you’re basically encouraging him to throw the ball and forget about the repercussions.
  • “He Gone”: A pitcher has just strike a player out.
  • “Never be a Zoo”: When you think that your coach is putting a mediocre player in a must-win game, you could say this if you’re brave – or foolish, enough.
  • “Ducks on the Pond”: When the runner is in a scoring position.
  • “Focus & Fire”: Similar to the “let him hit it”, you can use this when a pitcher from your team is struggling in finding the strike zone.

Step #4: When The Bat Is Broken

Although now it’s really easy to find an unbreakable wood bats and get up and running with your batting skills, unexpected things can happen. Nonetheless, you should know some phrases when your bat gets broken.

  • It’s Broken: Whenever a batter breaks his bat in rage – or due to whatever reason, use this.

We hope the above article will help you to know more about baseball. If you’re a beginner in baseball, then you will also get some injuries while playing. You must know How to Deal With Common Baseball Injuries.