The Beauty Of Playing Basketball Indoors

As an avid basketball player, I have heard people talk about the difference between playing basketball indoors compared to the outdoors. Though the sport is very fun on either court, it seems like there is a certain feel that comes with playing basketball indoors. The sport has been a part of my life since I was a child and I have been able to play in virtually any type of court out there.

However, Playing Basketball Indoors Inside Of A Gym Just Might Be The Best Feeling In The World.

The Squeak

This just might be every basketball players favorite noise when they enter a gym. The sound of the basketball shoes squeaking on the newly cleaned basketball gym is something that every player grew up with and it is certainly one reason why playing basketball indoors is so much better. You will never hear that sound outside and this is because you will only hear this on the hardwood. If you are a serious basketball player, you already know how beautiful the squeak is to the ears.

Basketball play indoor

No Wind

The worst feeling in the world is having to shoot a three pointer with the wind blowing about 10 MPH. Shooting a basketball without wind is already hard enough and when combined with wind, it becomes virtually impossible. This is why I will always opt to play indoors and will rarely play outside. The nice thing about playing basketball indoors is that there are no other variables that can change the outcome of the game. You are basically playing with the same conditions that you would get from the NBA.

The NBA Feel

When you play basketball indoors, you can’t help but feel like you are playing the game professionally. You are able to have complete silence and this is definitely what every basketball player wants to feel. Every player grows up playing in a gym and telling themselves that “this is the game winning” shot and so it really has become the best way to play the game. If you ever grew up playing in a gym, you will know exactly just how fun it is to be able to play with your friends and making it feel like the NBA.


The gym is simply safer for kids to play the game and you will be far from bad weather and bad people. Most of the children that play the sport will admit that they play in gyms because it is a lot safer and will help keep children off of the streets.

The best thing about playing Indoor Basketball is that they will learn to play the game the right way. Not too many people will learn a lot of things by playing on the gravel and hoping that it will teach them something. The best way to get better at the game is to practice it the right way. If you are serious about being able to play the sport correctly, then you need to learn how to fall in love with playing basketball indoors.


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