[Review]Sklz Pro Mini Hoop XL

This review is for the Sklz Pro Mini XL, which is a bigger version of the original Sklz Pro Mini basketball hoop. Sklz has some of the best quality over-the-door basketball hoops for kids and adults.

SKLZ Pro Mini Basketball Hoop

The backboard style and breakaway rim design of the XL is similar to that of an actual pro hoop. The clear backboard (23 X 16 inches) is polycarbonate and shatter-proof. Kids can beat on it with the basketball and it won’t dent, crack or fall apart. If the 23 X 16 backboard of the XL is too large, get the Sklz Pro Mini original with the 18 X 12 inch backboard instead.

The breakaway, spring-action rim lets kids slam dunk the ball without hurting their hands. The rim is also made of steel for durability. If you are concerned about scratching your painted door, the XL backboard has foam padding attached to protect the door.

The Pro Mini mounts over the top of a door by two metal brackets. The manufacturer states that the XL can also be mounted on a wall, but the set only comes with two frame mounts for a door. If you want to install it on a wall, you will have to buy wall mount supplies separately. Assembling this Basketball Hoop For Kids is very easy. It takes less than ten minutes and the manufacturer provides a tool for attaching the two frame mounts to the backboard.

The mini basketball that comes with the hoop is rubber and pretty hard. Kids need to be careful not to shoot the ball too aggressively otherwise the ball could bounce away and break something. The basketball is shipped deflated, and there isn’t an air pump included with the purchase, but any standard air pump can be used to inflate the ball.


  • Spring rim for maximum slam dunking action
  • This model has the larger 23″ X 16″ backboard
  • Shatter-proof, polycarbonate backboard
  • Steel rim, no plastic
  • Cool design
  • Good quality net
  • Can be mounted over the door, wall and cubicle (wall mounting supplies not included)
  • Includes one rubber basketball
  • Comes with 90 day warranty


  • Rim doesn’t fold for storage
  • Some people may find the provided ball to be noisy indoors, ball is hard

The Sklz Pro Mini XL is a great choice if you’re looking for a quality over-the-door Best basketball hoop. You can’t go wrong with the steel breakaway rim, shatterproof backboard and the cool looking design. This hoop gets hundreds of positive reviews online and we definitely recommend either the XL or the smaller size Pro Mini original.

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