[Review] Lifetime Double-Shot Arcade Basketball System

The Lifetime Double-Shot arcade basketball system is an awesome addition to a recreational room. Arcade In-door basketball hoops are a lot of fun for kids, and this one comes with some cool perks.

The legs on this beast adjust from 82 inches to a maximum height of 90 inches for higher ceilings. If you plan on putting the game in your basement, be sure to measure the ceiling height to ensure the Double-Shot won’t be close enough for the balls to hit the ceiling when making a shot. Ideally, the room should have at least 8 foot ceilings. Keep in mind the arch when shooting the basketball.Double shot

The game features two 12-inch rims for side-by-side competition. There are seven rubber basketballs (7-inches each) that come with the game, as well as a needle and air pump for inflating the balls. Although the game is a little bulky when set up, the steel legs fold together for easy storage. The entire weight of the system is 85 pounds.

The most exciting part of the game are the electronic features (no batteries needed). The system simply plugs into the wall and uses an on/off switch, but the scoreboard system will also automatically activate by making a shot with the basketball if left in the on position. The backboard has an infra-red sensor that keeps track of points, and there are various sound effects, including buzzers.

The backboard (approximately 50-inches wide) is made out of medium density fiber board, which is pretty strong. There are no reports of the backboard cracking or warping, and this game gets a lot of play. It’s quite addicting. The legs are steel tubing and very stable. The ball ramp is heavy duty canvas with straps underneath to prevent sagging.

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  • 2 hoops for side-by-side competition
  • Folding legs for easy storage
  • Steel legs, very sturdy
  • Electronic sensors track scoring for multiple games
  • Fun sound effects during play
  • Comes with air pump and needle to inflate all 7 balls
  • Comes with 90 day warranty
  • Ramp has buckles to prevent sagging
  • Strong netting to keep balls inside game
  • Great basketball hoop for kids and family


  • Basketball system stands a little high, takes up space in a small room
  • Assembly may take two people

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The Double-Shot basketball system for kids is an excellent game that gets good reviews on several shopping sites. It is a lot of fun to play. The biggest advantages are the electronic scoring system, warranty and the double hoops.

The setup is rather big, like similar games, so you should first determine whether you have the indoor space for it. Assembly may require two people. Clear instructions are included, as well as a wrench, but it’s best to use your own socket wrench to assemble the nuts and bolts because the provided tool isn’t that great.

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