Portable Vs In Ground Basketball Hoops

A portable basketball hoop is not your only option if you want to enjoy the sport in the comfort of your own homes. You also have a choice to get an in ground system instead. You may have seen portable hoops to be more popular these days but you should not count out the features of an in ground hoop just yet.

There are pros and cons involved with these two types of basketball hoops and one may outweigh the other in terms of what is ideal for each consumer. Be sure that you have a clear cut picture of the basketball hoop that will meet most, if not all that you require in one.

You should keep in mind the following features that you should consider before going after an in ground or portable basketball hoop.

StabilityPortable Basketball Hoop

If you are looking for a stable hoop, then an in ground system might be your better choice. The game of basketball isn’t any fun without rebounds and slam dunks. These two would require a significant amount of pressure to be put on your hoop. Since an in ground system is cemented in concrete, it is far sturdier and could take more stress. A portable basketball system also provides stability if you would still like to opt for it. Just buy one that has the widest base and use sand as the filler instead of water for it to be more compact. This will then equate to a stable hoop as well.

DurabilityInground Basketball Hoop

The aspect of durability relies with who will be using the hoop for the most part. Adults who are into amateur and professional basketball playing usually play it more aggressively than beginners, kids and teens so an in ground hoop will provide a sturdier equipment. There are still portable hoops that are built with premium grade materials which results to a durable hoop but they do come with a hefty price.

Set Up

Both portable and in ground systems require assembly but one may be more tedious than the other. An in ground hoop’s stability owes it to the fact that it is cemented on the ground. This would require you a thorough work which involves mixing concrete and perhaps even need an extra hand or two in the process. A portable basketball system on the other hand is less difficult to set up plus you can even ask a handyman or even someone from the store where you bought the portable basketball goal to set it up for you with a minimal fee.


Whether it be a portable basketball hoop or an in ground system that you will decide to buy, just make sure that you have carefully considered the above features and characteristics before actually getting one in order to make the most out of your purchase.

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