Lifetime 51550 Basketball Hoop Review

The Lifetime 51550 may very well be the answer to your jump, shooting and dunking needs that you can always perform in the comforts of your own property no matter your skill level or height may be. Its rim is specially crafted with double-compression springs that support the player while doing a dunk and then easily bounces back after release.
You are also ensured of a shatterproof, 48-inch backboard that lets you simply concentrate on playing the game of basketball on your Lifetime 51550 without worrying it from breaking. The backboard is made from Makrolon polycarbonate technology that is basically tough and solid. Together with UV-shielded inks and graphics plus a rust protected coating that provides your hoop with a good looking finish to last for years to come.
Lifetime 51550 Courtside Portable Cool Looking Basketball Goal

Features :

  • Product Size: 48 x 32 x 10 inches
  • Product Weight: 80 lbs.
  • Shipping Weight: 83 lbs.
  • 31-gallon polyethylene base with wheels
  • 3 inches round Speed Shift pole
  • Height adjustable from 8 up to 10 feet
  • Solid steel spring back rim with double compression springs
  • Welded net hooks
  • All-weather nylon net
  • 5-year warranty

Lifetime 51550 Review

The Lifetime 51550 actually received mostly positive reviews from its consumers. It is one of those averagely priced portable adjustable basketball hoops that you would have no second thoughts of purchasing since its price range is within reason plus backed by a brand that has been known to produce quality hoops in its existence.

Assembly and set-up was stated to be easy and worry free since its parts and accessories are labeled properly while being matched to a corresponding instructions page where it is listed where you will exactly need to use them. The 24-page instruction guide was found to be intimidating by one customer that prompted him to hire help in putting it together. Nevertheless, all the other people who bought their Lifetime 51550 were able to assemble theirs in a span of 3-5 hours all by themselves or with only at least an extra hand to help them.

As for the actual quality of this portable basketball hoop, it fairly satisfies those who bought it. It is sturdy and stands against sudden gusts of wind. Moreover, throw downs, jump shots and even the more aggressive basketball moves can be accommodated and are welcomed by the Lifetime 51550.

One drawback for the Lifetime 51550 is that its base has a small opening which will take you quite some time to fill it up with sand as well as emptying it out when the need arises, which is also why more people have opted to use water to fill their basketball hoop base since it is easier to put in. Nevertheless, having two options of either filling the base with sand or water is in your discretion where you can easily work around it. Also a friendly reminder to use anti-freezing water to prevent from causing damage to your base during the winter months if indeed you are choosing water to keep your hoop stable.

The Lifetime 51550 is a good entry level basketball hoop from children to teens. It might already be a lightweight hoop for the older generations to use but would work pretty well for the young ones up until they have used it up for all it is worth.

Be sure to pair it with a great outdoor basketball, and have getting some hangtime, if you can!