Lifetime 1221 Basketball Hoop Review

The Lifetime 1221 Basketball Hoop is equipped with a telescoping mechanism that allows you to easily adjust its height from 7.5 to 10 feet in 6-inch increments without any need for other tools. Younger players to the older and advanced basketball enthusiasts could use it according to their convenience and skill level. It is one of the most efficient basketball hoops that Lifetime has come up with. Its portability doesn’t sacrifice for its stability wherever you choose to position it. You can merely push and roll it to your chosen location since it has wheels that allow you to do so. Either water or sand can be used to fill the 27-gallon base that helps plant it firmly on the ground.

The 44-inch backboard of the Lifetime 1221 Basketball Hoop won’t simply crack or chip away to varying weather conditions, as well as to wear and tear. It is UV protected and constructed with high-density polyethylene, a solid plastic that is built to last in addition to preventing the graphics against fading. Its three piece pole in black is powder coated that adds to its polished and heavy duty look.Basketball Hoop

Features :

  • Product size: height adjustable up to 10 feet
  • Shipping Weight: 56.2 pounds
  • Portable basketball system on wheels
  • Telescoping  mechanism adjustment from 7.5 to 10 feet in 6-inch increments
  • Stable 27-gallon base that can be filled with either water or sand
  • 18-inch black solid steel rim with ½ inch steel braces
  • 50 gram hoop net
  • Made from UV protected, high density polyethylene materials
  • 5-year warranty

Lifetime 1221 Basketball Hoop Review

The Lifetime 1221 Basketball Hoop is one of the most popular basketball systems today with mostly favorable feed backs from consumers who have actually purchased and used it. Many people commended its value for money, being one of the affordable ones and still pretty much delivers on quality. The product claims it to cater for players of all ages and skills and yet most consumers deemed it to best suit children up to teenagers. Casual playing for older players is tolerable but won’t necessarily live up to a professional basketball court’s quality.

Its assembly features were found to be torn between average by a greater majority and a bit technically challenging for some. One reviewer definitely stressed a need for an easier to follow and understand instruction manual. A quick helpful tip is to have some extra hands when setting it up. One reviewer found the opening of the 27-gallon base to be small. It’s easier to fill it with water than sand although sand would provide a more stable effect.

What’s a complete basketball system without a stable basketball rim right? The 18-inch solid steel rim is positioned with ½ inch steel braces that ensure its durability together with welded steel net hooks plus a 50-gram all weather net which only makes the Lifetime 1221 Basketball Hoop work for its price.

Most consumers found this product to be a great buy and recommend it as well to other people. Its portability, height adjustment features and durability comes positively strong enough. A great deal of reviewers who bought the Lifetime 1221 Basketball System agrees that it’s a great product for their children and can also be enjoyed by adults alike.