Indoor Basketball Hoops For Fun And Physical Fitness

Basketball is one of the most popular played and widely viewed sports in North America and the world today. Wherever you go in the States, you can join in a game in the local park, gym or at someone’s house.

For the uninitiated, the game is played with two teams of five players each, an orange rubber ball that bounces easily, and two hoops. The hoop is a round, metal ring, generally with a net affixed to it, which is attached to a backboard. The backboard in turn has to be several feet above the ground. The idea is to take possession of the ball and throw it through the oppositions hoop, or basket. from above. This way points are scored and the team with the most points at the end of the game, played in 4 quarters of 10 or 12 minutes each, wins.

Outdoor Portabll Basketball Game

If you play any sport you will know that the equipment you use for that sport makes a big difference to the quality of your game. It is the same with basketball. In this article we will look at indoor basketball hoops in particular.

As basketball is played both indoors and outdoors, such as at homes, schools, gyms, and sports clubs, there are hoops made specifically for different conditions. The diameter of the hoop is usually the same, except when it is a mini-basketball hoop, or hoops and toy hoops made for children. Most hoops have height-adjusting capabilities as well.

The large variety of hoops available allows you to play the game or practice your shoots in whatever space you have available indoors, such as mini-basketball hoops for fun and for relieving stress, especially when you are in the office, or in a good sized game room at home.

Ideal for kids as well, are mini-basketball hoops that come complete with a miniature ball, basket with net, which drops into a net that returns the ball to the player, whilst keeping score as well. Many models also fold up for easy storage in small spaces.

Another model for small spaces is the sturdy wall mount backboard with flexible rim design. The flexible rim helps to minimize impact on the backboard, and therefore the wall. This is great for taking breaks and relieving stress from work at home or right in your office!

For a recreation center’s indoor court, portable units with small bases work best. They have padded bases to keep everyone from getting injured even when games get fast and fierce. The sturdy units with shatter proof backboards hold up exceptionally well under competitive games. After the game is over, the portable units easily fold up and roll into their storage place.

The hoops can be secured onto the wall (wall-anchor frames) or in the ground (ground-anchor frames), if it’s not a portable basketball goal.


When you buy a basketball goal you will have to decide if you want a glass of acrylic backboard, as they are the most widely used materials. Glass backboards are generally used by the pros for the fact that the ball bounces off the backboard immediately and cleanly. This advantage is linked to the fact that the glass backboard doesn’t dent, scratch or get dirty. Acrylic backboards are now made with nearly the same qualities as the glass ones, and at more economical prices, but they do get scratched and have to be replaced sooner than the glass ones. Backboards also come in aluminum and wood. Most backboards have steel frames. To give you an idea of size, following are the measurements of a regulation size backboard: 72 in across, 42 in high, and half an in thick.

There are too many brand names to list, but a couple of the popular brand names are Spalding, Huffy, and First Team.

Take your time and compare different prices and features of basketball hoops for the best value for your money. Prices vary depending on the type you need, design, and the quality of the hoop. An outdoor hoop can cost around $450, an indoor professional one $5,000, an indoor portable hoop around $550, and portable outdoor hoop around $350. They mostly come with long warranties. Of course, the mini-basketball hoops and kids basketball hoops are considerably cheaper.