Best Basketball Shoes Under $100 For Men – Top Picks & Reviews

Are you planning to buy good basketball shoes but price is your constraint? You might have always thought that having 100 dollars isn’t good enough to buy latest model of the basketball shoes. You are correct. But that doesn’t mean you can purchase them at all.

Here is the good news for all, now you can actually purchase basketball shoes if you have only 100 dollars in your wallet. We have prepared a list for you to select the best basketball shoes for yourself within your budget.

Top 5 Affordable Basketball Shoes Under $100 Comparison Chart

  • Upper: Leather & Synthetis
  • Midsole: Rubber
  • Outsole: Non-Marking Rubber
  • Cushioning: Footbed
  • Upper: Coated Leather
  • Midsole: Synthetic
  • Outsole: Non-Marking
  • Cushioning: EVA Technology
  • Drilled Synthetic Leather
  • Midsole: Rubber
  • Outsole: Rubber Zig-Zag Pattern
  • Cushioning: EVA Footbed
  • Upper: Textile & Synthetic
  • Midsole: Shock Absorbing
  • Outsole: Grippy Rubber
  • Cushioning : Full-length ADIPRENE®
  • Upper: Leather-Synthetic
  • Midsole: Rubber
  • Outsole: Solid Rubber
  • Cushioning: Full-length Phylon Lightweight

Our Best High Top Basketball Shoe Pick : ADIDAS ISOLATION 2

mens basketball shoes under $100

Adidas has come up with other budgeted shoes named Adidas Isolation 2. The upper is constructed of Synthetic leather which is a common feature in other expensive basketball shoes too. Though the shoes offer perfect durability and support, but they require some break-in-time for smooth traction.

Good Performing Basketball Shoes Under $100 Reviews


Best basketball Shoes under $100

Agreed, the price may fluctuate anything in between $40 to $60 depending upon the size selection, but the Royal-Blue, White and Black colored shoes have already become the beauty of many wardrobes as it tops the basketball shoes selling chart on Amazon. If you doubt my information, check it out yourself on the website.

The price sounds too good to be true for a best sneakers under 100, still it is selling like hotcake and there is reason for that. Your pocket is on a tight budget, you are madly searching for a sneaker, you analyze what’s selling on Amazon and the topmost selling shoe is this one within the budget.

Coming from the brand like Adidas, the 3 series 2015 are pretty comfortable when it comes to collar support. These shoes have a leather upper which gives it a designer looks. The non-marking outsole and threadiPrene+ padding system makes them the perfect pick. These shoes also have the technology called torsion System for supporting the torsion.

Manufactured and launched in 2015, the shoes are pretty latest and advanced catching the attention of many players and practitioners.

If your budget is really tight and you are desperately hunting for some decent basketball shoes you should certainly consider the Adidas 3 Series 2015, you would start loving Adidas all the more because of providing the classy shoes at such an affordable price range.


mens basketball shoes under 100 dollar range

Adidas has come up with other budgeted shoes named Isolation 2. This is one of the names that appear quite often if you search on website for the nice shoes under 100 dollars . I don’t insist you to believe me and just buy this stuff. Rather, you may do some research on performance, fit, comfort, etc. before you really consider them.

As per the reviews shared by other customers who have bought this pair, you get pretty decent performance at such low price. Being an Adidas product these shoes also have the Torsion System technology for supporting the torsion.

The upper is constructed of Synthetic leather which is a common feature in other expensive basketball shoes too. Though the shoes offer perfect durability and support, but they require some break-in-time for smooth traction.

As far as ventilation is concerned, this is not the pick. If you are looking for great cushioning feel and a perfect traction, please avoid buying them. But at this price, the Adidas Isolation 2 is a decent choice because they haven’t thrown any major issues as such.

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AND 1 used to be a reputed brand in the early 2000’s. But now, with the introduction of so many brands and the change in the customer’s choice, these shoes have become an economical substitute for people on a tight budget. And that is why you are reading this article, right?

Frankly speaking, these shoes don’t offer wonders, but for this decent price, they will not disappoint you either

The best part about these shoes is the fit. A lot of users say that the shoe really fits accurate to size with comfort and ease which is rarely seen in these types of shoes.

The upper portion of the shoes is constructed of mesh and synthetic leather, so the shoe is pretty breathable and durable. If you read the user’s review, you would find that these shoes are supportive and the flat outsole gives the court feel.

To conclude, don’t anticipate a “Rocket” presentation from these shoes, but you can enjoy them for 2-3 months or little bit more.

Pro Tip

There’s a complete range of reasonable AND 1 shoes to purchase, so you may visit the website to find the best for yourself.  It’s not feasible to list them all here, so I have shred the features of the best one. A general suggestion, you may like to rely blindly on the AND 1’s shoes too much though.

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I must say, these shoes look pretty decent at such an economical price range. But don’t expect gigantic performance on the court.

Coming from Adidas, these shoes have the adiPrene+ padding system for that extra comfort and smooth feel. You will be amazed to find the full length cushioning at this price. This is one of the reasons, why Adidas has always been one of the favorite choices amongst the players and sports lovers.

Another remarkable feature is the synthetic fabric upper and the non-marking outsole. Though it is not as durable as the synthetic leather but it certainly is lighter and comfortable.

The best part about Adidas Court fury 8 different color options so range won’t be an issue

It’s really remarkable to notice that Adidas is manufacturing budget friendly shoes in the current years . You can at least relax about the brand when you are hunting for economical shoes.


nike basketball shoes under 100

We are listing the category of sports shoes at budgeted price, how can Nike not be in the race? You believe your eyes and ears or not, but the fact is that a Nike pair worth $200 and a pair worth $100 are almost similar. You don’t believe me, check yourself on the website.

Nike Overplay VII is made of standard Phylon midsole which provide cushion support to the ankle and foot and one of the best from the nike basketball shoes under 100 . According to the views shared by a lot of users, These shoes have really bouncy and soft cushion which increases the play time and love the foot at the same time. That is certainly awesome for mere Phylon.

The upper is manufactured out of synthetic leather and mesh has been laid on the sides for increased breathability.  They have the padded Ankle collar which provides lightweight cushioning. They are made of Herringbone Tread Outsole which helps in great forward movement and linear momentum. The full length Phylon foam provides utmost comfort to the players. It has also TPU shank for increased cushioning and stability at the midfoot.

Coming from Nike, design and comfort haven’t been compromised though, you can’t really rely on these shoes if you are an expert player or practitioner, but for a starter or an amateur these shoes are certainly a must try one. You can’t expect great performance from them, but at this cheap price, you can’t imagine drastic performance either and since it is Nike, it’s worthwhile giving a try.

Best Basketball Shoes Under $50

Adidas Men’s Amplify

best basketball shoes under 50 dollars

Reebok Men’s Royal Hi

Reebok Men's Royal Hi Shoes

Adidas Men’s Cross ‘Em 3 

best basketball shoes to buy


Nike Men’s Overplay VIII

nike basketball shoes under 50 dollars 



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I have tried my best and compiled the most informative list of the best basketball shoes below 100 dollars based on my knowledge and experience. I hope you find this helpful in making the perfect selection for yourself.

At least you don’t have to feel disappointed, if your budget is really tight, you can certainly try one of these to kick off your start.