Best Basketball Shoes For Wide Feet

If you have wide feet, you probably had a problem to get the best basketball shoes for your feet. Here are the reviews of best basketball shoes for wide feet. I can truly understand it, as my friend who was a basketball player had the same problem. It’s frustrating when you can’t get the right fit. In fact, basketball shoes tend to be tight and narrow that wide feet player have a problem wearing.

Basketball Shoes For Wide Feet Comparison chart

  • Upper: Single Layer Woven
  • Midsole: Phylon foam
  • Outsole: Rubber Sole
  • Upper: Synthetic Leather
  • Midsole: Stable Frame
  • Outsole: Fabric Sole
  • Upper: Textile/Synthetic
  • Midsole: Primeknit
  • Outsole: Grippy Rubber
  • Upper: Mesh
  • Midsole: Phylon 
  • Outsole: Rubber Traction
  • Upper: Textile
  • Midsole: Primeknit
  • Outsole: Grippy Rubber

Top 6 Basketball Shoes For Wide Feet Players Reviews


Technologies: Nike ZOOM AIR, Flight Web, FlightPlate.

Best Basketball Shoes For Wide Feet 

The Air Jordan XX9 hardly has any issues. It has a super light “Performance Woven” upper that makes it a great pick for wide footers. It’s amazing and some people consider this as the best basketball shoe ever. Well, it is truly and there is no doubt about it.

With ZOOM AIR cushion in the heel, the Air Jordan XX9 feels awesome. FlightWeb system, similar to Nike’s FLYWIRE, improves support and lockdown nicely. Also, the FlightPlate system that connects the forefoot and heel areas enhances ZOOM AIR cushioning making it more responsive. Virtually not only everything works great in the shoe but also its extremely comfortable design is perfect for wide footers.

The combination all the three technologies used makes it a great shoe that provides comfort, great response and make it light. Lastly, if you don’t like the wide high top basketball shoes version you can pick the low-top version which is same performance wise but with some small changes.


Wide Basketball Shoes 

Well, my rating says it all. In my view, the original one is the best shoe of this year given the fact that it has jaguar upper and Bounce cushioning. If that wasn’t all, they have come up with BOOST cushioning, replacing BOUNCE, in the Primeknit upper version.

Just like all Primeknit shoes, it is very light and great for comfort. BOOST cushioning is responsive, comfortable combined with impact protection. The amazing performance could be attributed to the fact that this is an upgraded version of the standard D Lillard 2.

The technologies used here are BOUNCE, SprintFrame, TECHFIT, TORSION SYSTEM, Continental Rubber. Irrespective of the floor condition, Continent Rubber outsole provides good traction and this makes it a good shoe for outdoor. Believe me; it’s loaded with a lot of techs you won’t get in any other shoe.


Technologies: BOOST, NON-MARKING outsole, StableFrame, Primeknit

Basketball Shoes For Wide Feet 

This one has many versions combined with various upper materials.  This one is the Primeknit version, I picked because it’s very light, very flexible and with the very mobile upper. These materials adapt to your foot in not time, and of course, it fits amazingly for wide footers.

The Rose 6 Primeknit comes with a BOOST cushioning that is full of energy. This could be called the number one cushion setup though I would have probably said that many times before. For midsole support, it’s got StableFrame and an outsole that does not leave marks, which is found almost in all best basketball shoes for wide feet, infact in other shoes too. The fact that it has proper support for a Primeknit shoe is different. StableFrame does what it is supposed to and it fits snugly. It does not restrict you to indoor only; you may wear it outdoor to see it perform well. All in all, a good basketball shoes for wide feet keeping all the needs of a wide footer in mind.


Technologies: Nike ZOOM AIR, FlightPlate, FlightSpeed

Wide Width Basketball Shoes

A soft mesh upper with almost nothing to back it up, the Air Jordan Melo M12 only has only mesh. It may not impress all, but you know what, it’s great for those wide feet that need some more room. The strong all-around performance of the shoe is a worth mentioning thing here.

For cushioning, it’s got the FlightPlate system, which makes the step transition smooth, and yes, two ZOOM AIR sections/units for cushioning setup.  You probably know FlightPlate tech but not FlightSpeed. As per Nike, the FlightSpeed is the bridge between the forefoot and heel. In fact, there is a lot of top-notch technology and it works too. Top basketball shoes for players with wide feet works well for big players, as small guards would want more court to feel from these. Besides this, the traction is great, support is a solid and amazing comfort.

The only place it falls flat on its face is weak containment. No one likes feet moving out of the shoe’s footbed and this is where it fails to impress in the case of harsh movements.


Technologies: Boost™, StableFrame, NON-MARKING outsole, PrimeKnitBasketball Shoes Wide Feet 

Well, Adidas Crazylight lives up to its name, as in this list this is the lightest shoe. Therefore, it has been rightly named Crazylight. These are the exceedingly light construction coupled with Primeknit upper. Worth every penny you spend on them. You won’t get a premium looking shoes in little over 100 bucks. These are in fact cheaper and affordable for what it possesses.

The whole top is made of Primeknit which is one of the highlights of the shoes. BOOST in the heel are for cushioning, StableFrame for the support and stability and as usual a NON-MARKING outsole. With all this, it delivers a solid all-around performance.

But not everything’s great as seems. The only issue it has with the extremely sensitive traction pattern. Though it is good for outdoor play, it’s not that durable. Another weakness worth talking is the BOOST cushioning which hardly has any protection towards the impact.

Though it has few weaknesses, it is great for wide footers for the price it carries.


Technologies: AdiPrene+, QuickFrame, NON-MARKING Outsole

Wide Foot Basketball Shoes

The last one on this list has some flaws and not very popular. You must be wondering why it’s in here then. The answer is obvious – Adidas J Wall 2 is perfectly constructed for wide footers. Though it doesn’t have a soft upper, it is one of those shoes that are still being made with wide footers in mind.

Maintanance tip – If you are anything like most proud owners of any of the afore mentioned models, you do everything in your power to make your shoes last longer. But are you really doing it? One less known maintenance tip is getting a good shoes / boot dryer. You can’t control the decay that comes from regular use, but you can control how the moisture and the salt from the sweat affects the shoe. The best way to do it is not just leaving your shoes to air out but going with a shoe and boot dryer. You can see the official selection of the best shoes and boots dryers in this guide from

Honestly, adiPrene+ cushioning setup is not very good. Nonetheless, it works. QuickFrame technology, which is similar to StableFrame in other shoes, for support is obsolete. In fact, StableFrame works better than this technology.

Now, where it works is that it definitely has solid traction and cushioning. But some slippage and fit problems take away the smile it brought on your face. As I emphasized in the very beginning, it has found its place here because we are focusing on wide footers and the wide sole makes it comfortable despite a sturdy upper.