Best Basketball Hoops For Kids 2018 – Buying Guide & Reviews

Looking for the Best Basketball Hoops For Kids? Basketball being such a revered sport in the US is loved by adults as well as kids equally. However the basketball equipment just does not fit equally for all age groups and that’s where the need for specific equipment for kids arise. Basketball hoops is one such product that parents always look for to help their wards with suitable Basketball Training Aids. Kids aspiring for professional careers in basketball have to have  hoops as per their age group  to help them with their training and practice. Check out some of  the most suitable Basketball Hoops for Kids with reviews and choose the one which is good for your kid.

Top Basketball Hoops For Kids – Comparison Chart

  • Product Dimensions: 24" x 16" x 1/4" inches
  • Weight - 15 pounds
  • Adjustable - Strong Two Stud Mount
  • Backboard Meterial - Polycarbonate and Backed by a Steel Frame

Our Best Basketball Hoop For Kids Pick : Fisher-Price I Can Play Basketball

I Can Play Basketball is a good beginners set for toddlers because it comes with a Sure Score rim that fastens to the basket. The Sure Score rim is shaped in a way that helps the ball go through the basket much easier at close range. Kids can start off playing basketball with the Sure Score rim attached and then remove it at any time to increase the challenge level. The rim simply lifts off of the basket. No tools needed.

Best 5 Kids Basketball Hoop Reviews

Franklin Shoot Again Basketball Set Review

Franklin Shoot Again Kids Basketball Set

The Franklin Shoot Again set is a unique over-the-door, indoor basketball hoop. What makes it different is that it has a detachable ball return scoop, a battery operated score board and authentic sports announcer recordings that sound when a goal is made. Shoot Again is best for kids ages 7 and up.

The backboard simply hangs over the back of a door by a bracket that allows the door to close all The sports announcer audio is what makes this set more fun for kids. The top of the backboard also has an electronic scoreboard. The electronic system requires six AA size batteries (not included with set).The image for this basketball hoop makes the product look bigger than it actually is. It’s actually compact in size and fits nicely over a door (dimensions = 28″ X 17″ X 13″). The bracket that goes over the door is fully adjustable so kids can easily get the perfect height while playing.

Most over-the-door basketball hoops are made of cheap plastic, but this one is made of steel and features a breakaway rim so kids can get spring action when dunking the ball. The backboard is clear to mimic the look of a pro backboard.

The biggest advantage of the Shoot Again basketball set is the rotating ball return feeder that sends the ball back quickly for more active play. The ball return rotates 180 degrees. It is also detachable if kids want to shoot the ball without it. The basketball that comes with this set is about the size of a softball. If another ball is used, it needs to be small enough to fit through the ball return scoop.


  • Rotating detachable ball return scoop for easy retrieval and repeated shooting
  • Breakaway steel rim for spring action dunking
  • Adjustable height, no tools needed
  • Over-the-door hoop saves space indoors
  • Electronic scoring system and voice recordings


  • Ball return sends the ball back pretty fast, which can be good and bad, depending on the player.

Conclusion : Shoot Again is a cool indoor basketball hoop for kids bedrooms. Some people have complained that the ball return throws the ball back a little too fast. Kids just need to be ready to catch the ball to prevent it from flying across the room. The ball return is also detachable and comes off very easily.

This basketball set offers unique electronic features that most other sets of the same price do not provide, as well as the ball return mechanism. Overall, this is a great set that kids have a lot of fun playing with.

Fisher-Price I Can Play Basketball for Toddlers Review

Fisher-Price I Can Play Basketball setThis review is for the I Can Play Basketball set for toddlers, which is shorter, and adjusts to a maximum height of a little over 3 feet. There is a taller Fisher-Price I Can Play Basketball set that extends to a maximum height of 6 feet. The toddler model is best for kids 18 months and up. Both basketball sets receive very positive reviews on popular shopping sites. Kids are able to make easy baskets with the over-sized rim.

I Can Play Basketball is a good beginner set for toddlers because it comes with a Sure Score rim that fastens to the basket. The Sure Score rim is shaped in a way that helps the ball go through the basket much easier at close range. Kids can start off playing basketball with the Sure Score rim attached and then remove it at any time to increase the challenge level. The rim simply lifts off of the basket. No tools needed.

The portable basketball pole is height-adjustable with four different settings. The maximum height is 3 feet as mentioned earlier. Adding sand to the base isn’t necessary, or even possible because there is no holding compartment. But the basketball pole is very sturdy and not very tall, so it doesn’t wobble. The whole thing weighs 9 pounds.This Portable Basketball hoop is adjusted in outdoor/indoor fields.

I Can Play Basketball is perfect for indoor use because it’s very small in size, but outdoors as well. The product material is the same hard plastic used for many of the Fisher-Price toys.

This set comes with all needed parts and one small basketball. The assembly is simple. The basketball is intended for toddlers so it is naturally small in size. Different balls can be used with the hoop, but the balls should be similar in size and weight of the provided ball otherwise a heavier, larger ball might damage the plastic.


  •  Toddler-friendly Sure Score rim for easier baskets
  •  Small basketball and extra wide basket for easy goals
  •  Compact size for indoor use, can be used outside
  •  No sand needed for this model
  •  Reasonable price


  • Some kids outgrow it fast

Conclusion : There aren’t many complaints about this basketball set. It gets very good reviews, but kids may outgrow the set faster than others, but it is the perfect height for small toddlers to play with, and the price is reasonable. If you think your child might outgrow the three foot height too soon then consider buying the taller I Can Play Basketball set that telescopes to 6 feet instead of 3 feet.

Xtreme Mini Pro Hoop Review

Mini Pro Xtreme Basketball hoop for kids

The Mini Pro Xtreme by JustInTymeSports is an indoor mini basketball hoop that mounts to a wall. The Mini Pro is an alternative to over-the-door basketball hoops that can usually only be placed over doors and don’t include wall mounting hardware. With this hoop, you can install the backboard on any wall, as long as it’s fastened securely to a wall stud or sturdy structure. Mounting hardware is included.

The Mini Pro hoop is small enough for bedroom walls, but not too small to hinder functionality. The overall play quality when dunking and shooting the ball is way better than over-the-door hoops that often sway side to side from the impact of the ball. When installed securely on a wall stud, this basketball hoop doesn’t move. Kids can slam the ball and get solid spring action on the 12-inch break-away steel rim.

Hang time is a no-no for the Xtreme and all other wall mounted hoops.

The backboard of the Xtreme is pretty cool. The see-through polycarbonate makes it look like a real pro backboard. Polycarbonate is very hard, and shatter-proof. This is the same material used for many indoor backboards. The backboard dimensions are 24″ X 16″ X 1/4 This making a shot. If you have vaulted ceilings, the Mini Pro works even better, but it can be used on standard 8 foot walls without any problems.


  • Very sturdy, does not move when secured to wall stud
  • High-quality break-away rim for dunking, made of steel, looks like a pro rim
  • Quality net which lasts longer
  • Inner and outer mounting frames included for maximum wall support
  • Break-proof polycarbonate backboard
  • Can be used on any wall or in the garage
  • Includes one basketball (7-inches)
  • Easy wall installation, backboard and rim arrive pre-assembled


  • Some kids outgrow it fast

Conclusion : The Mini Pro Xtreme is a top quality indoor basketball hoop for kids and adults. It costs a bit more than cheaper over-the-door hoops, but the quality is far better, and the hoop can be installed on a single stud of any wall in the house. Since the backboard is mounted firmly to a wall stud using support brackets, instead of hanging over a door, it’s way more stable and doesn’t move at all when shooting or slamming.

The Mini Pro Xtreme gets five star reviews online, and it’s one of our top picks if you’re looking for a quality basketball hoop that will last through years of play.

Little Tikes Adjust N Jam Basketball Set Review

Little Tikes Adjust N Jam Basketball Set

The Little Tikes Adjust N Jam is a height-adjustable basketball hoop for kids ages 3 to 10 years old. Adjust N Jam is a very sturdy set that can be used indoors or outdoors. The exterior parts are made of hard plastic, and parents who have purchased this set for their kids give it very positive reviews for its durability and adjustable height capability.
The height adjustment is perfect for growing toddlers. The telescoping pole can be dropped all the way down to 4 feet for small children or set all the way up to 6 feet for taller kids. Most toddlers can easily shoot the ball into the wide basket at the four-foot setting. Adjusting the set is very easy. Kids can do it themselves because the set isn’t heavy to lift.

The whole basketball set weighs 30 pounds and stands very sturdy for a plastic hoop. Sand or water can be inserted into the rear of the base for increased stability against heavy winds. The manufacturer recommends adding sand, but people who have bought this hoop say it’s pretty stable without the use of sandbags.

This set includes a breakaway rim for slam dunk action. For a plastic basketball set, the breakaway rim is a nice feature because even some of the more expensive kid’s basketball hoops don’t have them. Breakaway rims usually last a bit longer because there is less tension on the hoop when dunking.

The Little Tikes Adjust N Jam stands close to 8 feet tall to the top of the backboard. It can be used indoors and outdoors, but most people place it outside because the 8-foot height might be too tall inside the house, unless you have the space of course. The set includes one junior-sized basketball. The net is a little smaller than nets on similar hoops. Bigger balls can get stuck. Basketballs similar to the size of the provided ball should be used.


  • Height-adjustable (5 settings)
  • Very sturdy
  • Hard, durable plastic
  • Good price
  • Can be used indoors and outdoors
  • Easy to assemble (parts snap together)
  • Rim is a breakaway (good for slam dunking)


  •  Net is a little small (must use provided ball or similar size ball)

Conclusion: The Little Tikes Adjust N Jam gets positive reviews with minimal complaints. One disadvantage is the net is a little small and won’t fit larger size basketballs. If you don’t want to use the provided junior-sized basketball, another ball of a similar size should be used or it might get stuck in the net.

The main advantage of this hoop is the sturdiness and having the height adjustment of five settings to choose from. The breakaway rim also makes slamming the ball more fun for kids, and the price is very reasonable for what it offers.

Lifetime Youth Portable Basketball System Review


Lifetime Youth Portable Basketball Hoop – The following review is about the Lifetime Youth portable basketball hoop with the 32-inch backboard. This setup is smaller than the Lifetime Pro Court basketball hoop, but shares the same qualities, except this one has a folding rim. The Pro Court has a wider 44-inch backboard.

Buyer reviews for the Lifetime Youth are very positive. It is a quality basketball hoop for kids and a step above cheap, plastic hoops that don’t last as long. This article discusses the product details and the pros and cons.

The pole for this system is a three-piece made of powder-coated steel for protection against corrosion. The pole is sturdy and adjusts from 5 1/2 feet to 7 1/2 feet, simply by twisting the adjustment knob and lifting the pole. The pole adjusts in increments of 6-inches and has five height settings.

The maximum height of 7 1/2 feet is shorter than the maximum height of the Pro Court, which is 10 feet, but the shorter height makes it much easier for small children to play. It is also lighter in weight, compared to taller hoops, so it is easier to push around when the base is filled with sand.

If your kids play basketball a lot, backboard material is an important consideration. The backboard is made of high-density polyethylene plastic that won’t break. The backboard size is 32-inches as mentioned earlier. The main color is solid black with red graphics.

Like most outdoor basketball hoops, the base should be weighted to keep it from blowing over. The base features a big 10-gallon compartment for adding your choice of sand or water. You can also place bricks in there if you want.


  • Break-proof backboard
  • Adjustable height with 5 settings (6-inch increments)
  • Perfect adjustable heights for kids ages 7 and up
  • Portable for easy relocation
  • Comes with 5 year warranty
  • Steel frame, rim and pole for maximum durability
  • Nylon net lasts longer
  • Easy height adjustment, no tools needed
  • Portable for easy relocation in driveway, lightweight
  • Folding rim


  • No breakaway rim

Conclusion : The Lifetime Youth is overall a quality portable basketball system for kids. The only slight disadvantage is that the rim isn’t designed for slam dunking. If that will be an issue then we recommend upgrading to one of the Pro Court hoops that have a breakaway rim for dunking. If your kids dunk the ball a lot on this rim, it will eventually start to bend downwards. It is designed for shooting the ball, not dunking.

The biggest advantages of this product are the five height adjustment settings, portable base wheels, shatter-proof backboard and the steel parts for durability. Assembly is also said to be easy, but requires two people.

An Overview Of Top Rated Basketball Hoops For Kids

Top Basketball Hoops For Kids Infographic Chart


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Well there you have it. The best basketball hoops for kids available in 2018. Be sure to check out our best in-ground basketball hoop reviews for 2018 should you need something a bit more permanent! We leave you with this cute video of a one year old future Lebron James!