Best Ankle Braces For Basketball – Reviews & Buying Guide of 2017

Are you looking for the Best Ankle Braces For Basketball? Ankle braces are specially designed sports gears which prove to be quite effective for the basketball players who have an injured foot or ankle, which is healing. The purpose of the ankle brace is to keep the ankle intact by immobilizing it, which allows the ankle to heal. With the continuous use of the ankle wrap, the injured ankle begins to heal slowly and gradually as the ankle brace immobilizes the joint while providing heat and compression to the bones.

They are sometimes designed as foot sleeves, which act more as a “sock-like” support system instead of being an injury stabilizer. It is, therefore, recommended to consult a physician or sports medicine therapist who can help you choose the best ankle support for sports.

In-Depth Reviews Of The Best Ankle Braces For Basketball

CopperJoint Compression Ankle Sleeve

CopperJoint ankle sleeve is one of the most trendy sports gear chosen by basketball players throughout the world because of the magic it works for your ankles.

Best Ankle Brace For Basketball


  • It accelerates recovery by stimulating the delivery of oxygen and enhancing the blood flow to the injured muscles.
  • It also considerably reduces the inflammation.
  • It contributed significantly in speeding up the recovery process.

One of the most frequent injuries that are observed in the basketball players is the spraining of the ankle. This sleeve is the ideal product to help heal the constant sprains as it prevents the ankle from any further damage. In no time the player is back to normalcy after using this ankle sleeve.

Also, this particular sleeve as the name suggests is made from copper infused nylon. Copper is particularly known to help reduce inflammation and nylon has great elasticity.

The fabric of this sleeve is extremely breathable in nature and therefore, keeps your feet completely dry as long you keep wearing it.


  • Instant therapeutic relief.
  • Graduated compression.
  • Anti-odour.
  • Top quality Copper.
  • Light- weight.
  • Has a cooling effect.
  • Skin friendly and does not cause any rashes.
  • 100% latex free.
  • Can be comfortably worn throughout the day.


  • Does not offer much relief for serious problems like torn tendons or ligaments.
  • Not extremely tight-fitting.
  • Might lose its elasticity if washed incessantly.

This sleeve is the answer to your ankle injuries as it offers instant relief from pain and is tremendously lightweight with a cooling effect. Not only is this sleeve effective but it is reasonably priced as well and due to all these reasons we highly recommend it.

Copper Compression Gear PREMIUM

The second recommended product on our list is another copper infused ankle sleeve that is great for all the basketball players. This particular ankle sleeve contains 88% nylon and is extremely great for a speedy recovery of the ankle. Along with reducing the inflammation, it also helps in relieving the pain. Like all great quality sleeves, this one too promotes the blood flow.

Ankle Brace Reviews

In terms of the style, this sleeve is quite similar to the first one mentioned. Like the previous one, you cannot really go wrong with this one as well. The one aspect you need to be extremely careful about is the size that you order. These sleeves have a tendency to run on the big size, so make sure you measure your size carefully and order correctly.

Another added benefit of this particular sleeve is that the company has a great return policy in case of any exchange which make the process of returning really smooth.


  • Quick reduction in inflammation.
  • Has the highest amount of cooper concentration.
  • Reduces soreness of the muscles, joints and tendons.
  • Increased muscle performance.
  • Its makeup is extremely sturdy which makes this sleeve durable and long lasting.
  • It is made with fabric is quite breathable.
  • Improves blood flow.


  • Not so comfortable to be worn for the entire day.
  • It is not 100% efficient in relieving pains occurring due to chronic injuries.
  • Because the material is breathable, it might feel to be a little thin in terms of its thickness.

Apart from the pain if you are experiencing inflammation as then this Copper compression GEAR premium sleeve will help recover in no time. Because of the high amount of copper concentration this sleeve is the ideal product to help you reduce soreness in your joints and muscles. It is exceedingly lightweight and breathable in nature. We strongly recommend it.

ASO Ankle Stabilizing Orthosis

Apart from the compression sleeves there is another traditional model of sleeves that are also available. ASO Ankle Stabilizing Orthosis is one such product available in the marketplace. Such a model has straps that allow the player to determine the level of tightness. This sleeve will fit both right and left feet (ankle).

The USP of this sleeve lies in the fact that it is not merely restricted to one particular type of injury as it is useful for sprains, rolled ankles etc. It is a hot favorite amongst the players, doctors, therapists etc for its versatility. With this ankle protection, you cannot go wrong at all.

Best Ankle Supports For Sports


  • Bilateral design makes it suitable to worn on either of the foot.
  • Ballistic nylon boot enables superior durability as well as support.
  • It has an exceptional fit due to its contoured tongue.
  • It is made with lightweight Cool Flex material.
  • Because of the lace it is easily tightened or loosened as per the requirement.
  • One of the best braces for sprain recovery.
  • Tight yet flexible.
  • Gives greater mobility and extremely easy to put on as well as remove.


  • It can feel to be a little noisy as it is made from nylon and Velcro as opposed to fabric.
  • It cannot be worn directly on the ankle as a sock is a must in order to avoid skin rashes.
  • It might feel bulky to wear in the beginning.

If the normal ankle sleeve has not worked out for you so far and you are looking for something more sturdy and tight to help support your ankles then ASO Ankle Stabilizing Orthosis is the suitable product for you. If you have been persistently struggling with the tight/loose issue with your regular sleeve then this is your go-to product as it can be adjusted as per your requirements. It offers great support and is made with a strong material. We definitely vouch for this ankle guard, I bought this one myself as a throw-in when shopping for my adjustable basketball hoop.

Top Quality Ankle Braces For A Basketball Injury

Among the biggest threats and dangers that playing basketball poses to a player is irreversible damage caused to the feet and ankles because of constant jumping, twisting and abrupt changes in direction that this game entails. However, you can minimize the risk of an injury by making use of the good quality ankle brace. The best ankle support offers appropriate support to your foot which enables the player to continue playing regardless of an injury and without causing any further damage to the ankle or the foot.

Choosing The Right Ankle Braces For Basketball Game

Like all sports equipment, abundant variety is available for ankle braces as well. Selecting the right one for you can be a challenging task. We have compiled a detailed list below which will ensure that you are able to compare and contrast all the products and have a hassle-free shopping experience.

When Exactly Should The Ankle Braces Be Used?

Ankle braces are prescribed for players who have sustained any kind of ankle injury recently and it is now in the process of healing. The sole purpose of the perfect ankle brace is to help the player to continue playing despite recovering from an injury. Usually, when a player sustains an ankle injury, the player is not allowed to play unless the injury has healed completely, however, with the help of the ankle brace the player can now continue playing while being in the process of recovering.

Furthermore, the use of the best ankle brace for basketball is not merely restricted for a player who has sustained any injury, as it is also widely used by players to prevent and reduce the chances of sustaining any future injuries as well.

However, it is extremely imperative to acquire a professional estimation whether you require this particular sports gear or not before purchasing the ankle brace because it has been observed that often players do not require it but use this gear unnecessarily.

Furthermore, there are reasonably a lot of varieties existing to choose from in terms of the best basketball ankle braces. This overwhelming variety can lead to a wrong choice and hence, it is sensible to take a professional view of a doctor or a sports therapist before making the final call.

There are different categories of ankle braces to be used by players who have an injury and who are trying to prevent an injury (example: some ankle braces are designed as a sleeve for the foot which act like a sock-like support system for the ankle rather than an injury stabilizer).

In a game like basketball it is indeed quite common for the players to have a history of injuries (as they repeatedly occur) and therefore, there are specific ankle braces which are deemed appropriate for this particular scenario. Consult a doctor or a sports therapist to choose the appropriate gear for you.


Although it might seem like a daunting task initially, with the right research and guidance you will face no problem and be able to buy the right ankle brace basketball according to your choice by reading the ankle brace reviews. We hope you enjoyed this review, and be sure to check out our review, as a good pair of shoes can go a long way in reducing injury and strain on your ankles

Make sure you keep our in-depth reviews in sight before you decide to settle for your ankle brace. If you evaluate all your needs and requirements beforehand, then surely you will make the correct choice. Be sure to check out our homepage for more reviews and news!


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